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Its Almost fall. Perfect timing for Pandemic awareness. Jus catching up. You are running a reality default. Some are schedule loops. The world jus crashed into Convid19. We are not the same, its a global emergency.

Be Safe, Stay Well

Convid19 in 2020




On floating conspiracy Theories on the Convid19….i don’t know, some are pretty weird. However on stress data i do support. We all have to monitor more now than ever before our stress levels. Also for those supportive of holistic and yoga lifestyles, the tips vary. For pros, experts, teachers, est; please regulate your daily schedules and seek Balance to fight the Convid19. Just my random ideas.




I dreamt of a storm a week ago. I love both science and Sci Fi so the theme was a Fav movie. Skipping to my concern (Movie was 1408), How are we prepared. Really consider the long term effects. I do discern my dreams like other Christians (I am universal). Also common in Convid are Storm dreams. These dreams are personalized but within major storms. Why is this...Could be the Convid Journey ahead. My dream in code meant Making major decisions and my family household. I was suppose to (2020) move both office and my apart/house/condo. So it appeared blunt and bold like dang lol. To move in Corona...hmmm. I am homeoffice, my family CNA/HHAide, in lockdown. For real estate decisions, i rather prep and wait. This could be 2021. But see how my reg issue is clashing with Covid19. I believe we have to discern whats right for ourselves. Intuitively decide whats best doing this crazy pandemic. Its also a sign to get uncomfortable and prepare. As a Taurus Bull sign I Iove security but will follow any Intuition, no doubt.




How are we coping this summer ending to fall. This is a real concern i have in general. I can only alert this to my brother/staff, some social, Fan teams, my Blogs, and Especially yoga readers. I find in social this yr, ppl are less active and detoured via Convid19 (FB vs IG or twitter). We really need to stay grounded, connected, and uplifted during this time. Changes are coming, storms are hitting, and we have to team support each other. I hope day to day, month to month, we survive these stormy metaphors. Every person, family, and group will differ. I have already seen extreme prosperity to doomed realities. We are in a time of awakening silently. So its wide open to focus on your spirit. If you fuse science (I do since 2011), include that science wellness no doubt. Please Reboot yourselves Mind, body, and soul. These are real divisions of who we are and how to mgt our lives. Be safe, be well, and Namaste. - Lez Michelle/China, August 2020.


Starting September


Its Almost fall. Perfect timing for Pandemic awareness. Jus catching up. You are running a reality default. Some are schedule loops. The world jus crashed into Convid19. We are not the same, its a global emergency.

Rev Dr Yogin, Leslie Michelle M., LDM Mia, LDM Yoga, Yogi Goddess

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September 09, 2020


I love using music to movies as metaphors for life issues. My fav is the matrix. Imagine you all are regarded in our 'LDM Mia' as a community, kingdom, Empire, or better Dynasty. Being Goddess and leader, i desire more for my dynasty. My blessings are never solo but effects friends, family, and my Reader Fans. Something i learnt slow thru the yrs. As i battle the unseen and the darkness, I improve times twenty our community. So to be cont. Ty and blessings.


- Rev Dr Goddess, Ordinated under ULC Church, 2005/2006/2019.

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